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Why We’d Pick A Ram Rebel Over A Ford Raptor

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interesting discussion going on over at MotorTrend:

Why We?d Pick A Ram Rebel Over A Ford Raptor - Motor Trend The General Forum Forum

discuss below:
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This is a funny quote.

"Reason one for choosing the Rebel over the Raptor is that we have no plans to cross Death Valley, run the Rubicon, or rock climb in Moab. So why pay for capabilities we’re not going to use?"
That is a good point though. I think some people want the capability just to have it, but often time they will never take the vehicle into a situation where they actually get to use those capabilities.
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It's also not always about using a vehicle built for a specific thing and using for that. What it was built for helps to define what it is and attracts different types of buyers among other reasons someone would want said truck.
So the capabilities and purpose of the vehicle is more to attract a certain kind of buyer, but the buyer may not actually use the truck for what it is intended for? I suppose that is true, but I'm not sure if customers who buy the truck and then don't end up using it for its purpose are really making a wise buying decision. Seems more a matter of image in that circumstance.
it happens

people buy super cars and fast sports cars and never hit a race track, just stay within city limits.
RAM is in fact counting on that. when they introduced the truck they stressed that the rebel was the truck for people who wanted the LOOK. its a smart observation on their point.
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Exactly. The look plays a big role in this, the look it has is a clear signal as to what it's purpose is, as with all vehicles built around a purpose are designed. An essential thing.
it's a lifestyle thing too
feeding products into lifestyles could prove being a good move for RAM which a look like this help with achieving
I Traded My 2011 Ford Raptor, For The 16 Rebel, The Ford Was Awesome , Issues I Had, Like Many Other Owners Are The Heated Mirrors ,And Defroster Quit, The Blame Is The Power Rear Window, Junk !!, The Trans Sucked Banged 1st To 2nd, And Reverse To Drive, Nasty Bang , Did It once In A While, Then More And More, Then I Traded It In, Now There Going 10 Speed Auto, Getting Crazy On How Many Gears, This Tranny In The Rebel 5.7 Is The Same Tranny In The SRT's, My Wifes 14 Jeep SRT8 Is Killer !!!, I'm A Dodge Guy At Heart And Loyal , Have 4 Other Dodges.
I gotta believe some folks go to the Rebel because the out the door price is about $20 thou less than the Raptor for a more comfortable truck. I drove both and there was no comparison.
Because the Ford Raptor will be at the dealership for half it's life depending on which year it's from. I've read a lot of complaints and problems with the Raptors. Sure the Rebel is not perfect but at least you can still drive it around.
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