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Why I chose a power wagon over Rebel

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Hello all,
I want to preface this with its not my truck by my Fiance's, she picked the power wagon. I picked a Mercedes E300 which was $70k so that was her price range. Originally we were set on getting a 17 raptor, but had major issues with our 14 F150 platinum (power drain causing multiple dead batteries, key transponder issues where it wouldn't start, brakes completely went out 100%, and now transmission noises at high speeds, power running boards rusting and not opening/closing.... all under 30k miles) and with Ford still not releasing HP numbers or all the features, i have a feeling the new raptors going to be a dud. For whatever she didn't like Chevy interior so we narrowed it down to definitely getting a Ram.

We liked the rebel and the air suspension is nice but its like every other air suspension, you can't leave it full up or full down so it's always at the same 3/4 setting. The rebel felt too much like a car and didn't have that hop into and the feel that you can run over anything. What sold it for us was having them sitting next to eachother and it was obvious which one was an offroad truck. We took both on a couple test drives and found a spot which a high sidewalk (about double as high as normal) and the power wagon climbed the concrete like it was nothing. The Rebel started spinning its wheels so we hopped it in 4wd and it still struggled a bit getting up. Also looking at both trucks up there, it was obvious which one we wanted. Also the bigger tires, better suspension, Warn Winch, locking axles and disconnecting sway bar all electronic really helped make up our mind.

We wanted it loaded with every option but with the graphics so didn't get a laramie power wagon. A couple weeks later and we're definitely happy with the purchase. Attached is a pic of us hoping it fit in her parking garage, which it does barely. Now we're off to start modding and finding some side steps.


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I'll be trading my Rebel for a Power Wagon in the near future. Or as soon as the 2017 comes out with the Rebel style grill.
hey as long as you get the truck that makes you happy. Go For It. BTW looks greats and congrats
Welcome to the forums and congratulations. Thanks for the comparison/mini-review and I'm glad you guys got what you preferred. Kind of have me thinking now too however lol
I love the Power Wagons. Congratz on the purchase.
Wait, I'm going to go over to the power wagon site and point out all the reasons I bought a Rebel over a Power Wagon....I bet everyone is waiting with baited breath for me to run down their selection process. To begin with, anyone buying a Mercedes shouldn't be giving anyone advice on auto purchases. I 'm sure you won't have time to read this because you still have to visit all of the other automobile forums to announce your buying insights. P.S.: "Fiance" is not a word men use but then again there remains the question of why "she" is buying a truck and you a Mercades. Keep up the good work and keep us apprised of any new purchases you make!
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Truck looks great, tonneau needs to be dumped though, take away from your beast!!
Maybe you should be in a Power Wagon forum !
Maybe you should be in a Power Wagon forum !
I'd bet he is. He only made 2 posts in here, two months ago. One saying he was looking, and the other saying he decided on the PW.
Maybe the guys at the PW lunch table don't like him :D
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Maybe the guys at the PW lunch table don't like him :D
Well, if he comes back here, we might have grounds to suspect that. But so far, no sign.
I tell you what...I was also torn on what truck to get. I'm glad though that I made a Rebel purchase.
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I wasn't aware that the 285/70/17 Duratracs were really larger then the 285/70/17's Toyo's
I wonder what the power wagon is like to live with.
I'm sure its a great truck overall...but I couldn't justify it when looking for my new truck in July.

Its going to ride rougher and since I take (2) 4000+ mile round trip vacations each year I needed something comfortable. The Rebel was the perfect truck. Rides comfortably on long trips and is a nice medium between road and some off road (if needed).

I don't do enough off roading (at all) to justify a Power Wagon...but man are they sharp! Then again...so is the Rebel :)
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