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Why does the Ram Rebel have a stupid frenchmans mustache?

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Seriously, the truck use to have one of the best grills in the game and now it looks stupid. Not seeing the point in the new grill design.
Almost looks as bad as this mustache lol
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I like the Rebel's front grille. I agree that the Ram Laramie (I think that's what it is) looks terrible. I'm kinda glad that Ram tried something different though on both models.
Same here.
Plus it seems we're stepping into an era of cleaner design, less things needed, ridding of the fluff, much like the difference between the current ram's grill and what we're seeing on the Rebel. From a bunch of little bars to a few simple ones that make an impact!
Mmm, I'm not sure that the whole industry is moving towards cleaner design. Some brands are doing more complex things, often times that is in EVs. Nissan is doing some more complicated things, but it looks good. Think of the Sport Sedan Concept and the Juke.

With trucks specifically though, I think that the designs are getting better and overall aren't becoming super complicated.
I think that there is a sizeable portion of truck buyers who care more about getting attention than good design. LOL
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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