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Why does the Ram Rebel have a stupid frenchmans mustache?

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Seriously, the truck use to have one of the best grills in the game and now it looks stupid. Not seeing the point in the new grill design.
Almost looks as bad as this mustache lol
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I don't see the french mustache in the grill, nor do I think it looks bad.

I just don't like this grill:

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I like the Rebel's front grille. I agree that the Ram Laramie (I think that's what it is) looks terrible. I'm kinda glad that Ram tried something different though on both models.
That and the the new RAM tailgate design...not a fan.

Good for getting attention, bad for design.
that'll be quite the difference in price going for either one
have you already looked into how you'll configure the sport since there's a configurator for it
I was thinking the same only a pig snout :laugh:
Rather keep it to bulls, better representation of a RAM Truck ;)
I think they were trying to make the front look like a bumper with a "Bull Bar".
Just my opinion......
that would make a lot of sense considering the type of truck the Rebel is and how well a bull bar inspired grille flows with the whole theme.

it was a safe play on design since most folks love how bull bars look.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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