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Hi all. I just wanted to add to this post as I too am stuck with the whistle noise coming from the passenger side vent. After many attempts I finally figured it out and I also figured out that most of us were mislead by the center console. Let me explain.

I run my hvac system on automatic and keep a certain temperature in the cab. The automatic will also close and open the recirculation door when needed. When the auto closes it, it will not indicate this on the console. If you disable the auto and goto manual while the recirc door was set to close by the automatic system, the cluster will still indicate the recirc is open (no light) but in fact its closed. software glitch I guess.

To properly verify if the noise is the recirc door, set your hvac to manual and set the fan speed to 2. Push the recirc button so the light comes on. Now go drive on a highway where you can at least reach speeds of 100km (60mph). once you hear the whistle noise, push the recirc button so the light comes off and the noise will go away.

Mystery solved...go talk to dealer now.
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