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I like the overall size of the the Rebel wheels and tires, but I'm not a fan of a 17" wheel on a full size truck. I am going to keep my suspension stock and move up to a 20" wheel. From what I have seen on tire comparison charts, it looks like a 295X55X20 tire is just a hair larger than the stock Toyo's. However, they are ridiculously priced.

I would like to keep the tire just inside or right at the fender flare, maybe a hair wider than what is on it now. If I go with a 285x60x20 (Much better pricing) on a 20x9 wheel, what offset/backspacing do I need to make certain the tires don't rub and don't stick outside of the fender flare?

One possibly stupid question. Does the Rebel's suspension in aero mode have the same tire clearance between the tire and the fender as the other Ram 1500 4x4 trucks? There are a ton of pictures of regular Rams with aftermarket tires and wheels to look at. I can just use that as my gauge if the stance is the same.

I'll get pics up as soon as I figure out which tires and wheels to use.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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