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Uconnect issue advice please

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So it use to work. Now however I can play slacker or Pandora as long as my phone is on but when my phone goes off (screen locks) it stops streaming to the radio. So I updated the software and still having the same issue. Anyone else have this problem?
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Thanks to some questioning on another forum I figured it out. I have a Samsung s6 which has 2 different power saving modes. If you have it even on the basic power saving mode it stops streaming when the screen is locked.
Isn't there an option with phones to change the setting so it never locks until you manually turn the screen off? A short term fix until a software updates fixes it.
Google Marshmellow doze and you will understand why its doing it.. Quite aggravating to me.
It's a tradeoff - people slimmer model phones with less room for batteries, want their phones to be super powerful and run all kinds of apps, then demand longer times between charging their phones. You can always disable the battery saving features and get more/extra batteries or battery packs.

To disable Doze for an app: Step 2: Tap "Battery" from the Settings list and then hit "Battery optimization" option from the top-right menu icon. Step 3: Select "All apps" from the options to bring the list all the apps on which doze mode is enabled. To disable Doze for specific apps, open the Settings app and select Battery.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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