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Turning Ram Rebel Into Camper

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Has anyone though about modifying their Rebel truck bed into a camper? Just stick on a leer and build a platform for a bed, something like this if you're handy enough.

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That's actually pretty darn cool. Definitely not handy enough to come up with something like that though... I would have to take a trip to IKEA.
I barely built a stable coffee table in high school woodworking class, that's way beyond my skill set and not worth the effort IMO. Not saying it doesn't look good and the sheer convenience of not needing to set anything up is great.

Not this, this I can do.

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You have definitely found my alternative option good friend ! Lol
That would work if you're under 5'5". I used to have a canopy on my Rebel and I'd sleep in the back when I went camping, but you have to sleep on an angle and even then it's still a bit cramped...and I'm 5'11.
I'm in that range.. I should be good lol. But I can imagine in your situation, that does sound kind of uncomfortable. After a few brews it shouldn't be that bad though ?
Ohhh it's definitely good after a few drinks, it's just waking up in the morning that sucks hahaha.

For anyone thinking of doing this, I recommend buying a futon mattress instead of an air mattress. I got a smaller size futon mattress from ikea for $100 and it fits a lot better then a double size air mattress. And you don't have to worry about waking up with a deflated mattress.
Lol I definitely didn't take that into consideration... as I usually don't in general, unfortunately... But ! I seen these beds designed for the trucks specifically, ever use these ? Admittedly they are air mattresses as well though

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