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Hi... I'm new here, so if I already missed the discussion on this, my apologies... I didnt find any threads about my particular issue with the search engine.
So the other day I took my bone stock 2017 Rebel up a very steep grade to get to an old fishing spot I haven't been to in a while, and when I got to the top of the hill, my dash read "fuel sensor failure" and the gauge went from nearly full to empty, and a check engine light came on.
With these being off road worthy trucks, I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into this. The service manager and I were talking, and he wasn't sure what the cause was, only the symptom. He told me that there could be a problem with the fuel pump (maybe starved it for a second), or that the float maybe didnt know what to make of the erratic readings and it was crying because it was scared... like I said, interested to know if anyone else has come across this. I like that fishing spot, it'd be a shame if my truck isn't able to go there with me.
Everything is working fine and the service manager cleared the code, so maybe not such a big deal, just annoying.
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