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Anybody have any issues with the transmission kicking when you come to a stop
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It has a sealed transmission there's no dipstick
I think you may be the first person with that problem. I can't find anything about the transmission kicking when you stop. May be bet to bring it to your dealership and ask them to take a look at your Rebel.
Cheap transmission

It has a sealed transmission there's no dipstick
Yeah and the bottom plate on the transmission is plastic. I had a stick or rock crack mine and it's gonna cost me around $1200 to get a new plastic plate and refilled with that high dollar transmission fluid. Had I known Ram didn't offer any protection to this plastic transmission I would have never bought this crap.
Your Ram isn't the only one that "kicks" right after you come to a stop - mine doesn't do it all the time either...just every once in a while. My 15 does it and both my 14's did it. Took each of them back to the dealership and everything checks out. My local dealership told me it's common and just how the transmission was designed.

I would say anything other than a soft kick I'd bring it in and let the dealer take a look. If they give it the all clear, get it in writing so if someone happens down the road (outside of warranty) you'll have something to fall back on.
The transmission mimics your driving habits, so if you tend to drive slowly, accelerate/decelerate slowly, the transmission should shift smoothly.

I tend to have moments of pure adrenaline rush and tend to drastically change these habits on a whim. It's when the adrenaline wears off and I go back to a smooth drive is when I notice the "kick". IMO, I think it takes the computer & transmission some time to notice these changes and make the proper adjustments.

Remember, these high power machines are computer controlled. I KNOW we all have had our own "Office Space" moment and wanted to take a baseball bat to our PC's!!!!

A true test for your transmission "kick" would be to drive like a 95yr old granny for about a week. Pay close attention to the shift points and the "smoothness" of the shifts, whether shifting up or down. By the end of the period, if you are still getting a drastic kick, I would bet there's an underlining problem. If not, I would say you just have a stubborn computer than lags in response time to your driving habits.

FYI, a computer reboot can also fix the problem. I had this issue on my 2010 F150 and a computer reboot fixed the problem.

Good Luck!
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