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Trade my JK?

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I've been a Jeep guy for a long, long time. I've read a lot of threads by former JK owners who've traded up to the Rebel and are happy. Thinking about trading my JK for a Rebel. Looking for any former Jeepers who regret getting rid of their Jeep. I'm drawn to the 5.7 Hemi and the creature comforts available with the Rebel. Things I don't like about my JK are the highway drive, no power anything... and thats about it.

3.5" Rubicon Express Lift, 35" MT Tires, AEV wheels, Front & Rear lockers, $$$ lots of extras.


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Went to a dealer...

They offered me $24,500 for my '13 JK, with tax savings, thats about equal to $26,000 if I'd sold to private seller. Paid $20k for the JK and have just over $12k in upgrades. They also offered $8,380 off MSRP of $54,330. It was the end of the month, end of the quarter.

Took my wife and grandson to the dealership for a test drive. Grandson was excited and said "This is the best truck ever!".

Was going to counter offer $1k more off, but during the test drive, my grandson burst in to tears and said he wanted me to keep the Jeep. I loved the ride, the truck had everything I wanted except Ramboxes. Was ready to sign, but I want to help keep things stable for grandson. His mom (my daughter) is leaving/abandoning him next month.

Thanks for the feedback all. Will spend some time with the grandson watching Rebel videos on YouTube. I love my Jeep, but he really loves it.
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Traded my JK

After quite a few Ram Rebel YouTube videos, and a toy Ram 1500, the grandson was convinced.

I picked up my Rebel a couple days ago. Sunroof, Ramboxes, 8.4AN, 5.7L, Anti-Spin, 3.92. MSRP was $55,720.

I gave the dealer my Jeep. They gave me the Rebel on a 3 year lease with no payments, 15,000 miles/year. And they cut me a check for $4,500.
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