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Towing / WDH setup

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Just about ready to hook up my camper. Anyone towed yet?

Wondering if I'll need to adjust my WDH from my old 1500, and do you guys let the Air Suspension do it's thing while towing, or just run in Aero mode, since it's 1" higher under normal settings?
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Do you have the towing package with trailer break? I tow a 28' Jaco white hawk 5715 dry with no issue. Before unhook u to your WDH, press the tow/haul mode button. This will lock the rebel in Normal height mode.
Did a little towing from the storage lot to my house. 27' Lance 2185, didnt use the WDH with such a short tow, but the air system compensated for the extra weight. All was level without the WDH.
2017 Ram Rebel
2,800 lb trailer (24.5' deck)
Reese Tow Pro 12,000 LB / 1,200 Tongue weight distribution hitch
2014 Wrangler (5,000 LB)

Call it an 8,000 lb total trailer weight. The trailer has 2x 5,000 lb axles with all 4 brakes.
The 1500 Hemi with 3.92 gears does really well. I was shocked how well coming from a 99 F-350 Powerstroke. No, it's not equal to the Ford, but it does far better than I expected!

You feel the trailer bumping you around a lot more, in the F-350 single rear wheel (no weight distribution hitch) you set the cruise on 75 and don't know that the trailer is there. You'll know it's back there in the 1500 RAM, but it is not scary at all. It just keeps reminding you that you have more weight behind you than you have under you :)

The F-350 has a Valley Odysses II brake control, it does not put out near the power of the new Ram... Why I don't know. It's also not nearly as smooth in the application of voltage to the brakes as the OEM Ram unit. The braking performance was a huge surprise in a good way.

The engine gets the job done, if your willing to feed it revs at nearly the rev limit... it will run side by side with the 7.3L Powerstroke truck with 3.73 gears and a +50HP tow tune loaded. The fuel economy looks like around 7-8 is going to be the norm in the gas Ram 1500 while the Ford 7.3 will deliver pretty consistent 11.5-13 MPG depending on flat lands or hills.

The biggest change is the frame stiffness I believe. The previously mentioned feeling of being bumped around is (I think...?) frame flex? The F-350 frame is massive thick, and my guess is that the Ram frame is flexing as the trailer is trying to have it's way with the much lighter truck. The trailer is likely more than 2,000 more than this truck, and the 1500 truck frame isn't exactly built like the 18 year old F-350.

At the end of the day, this will get the job done. For the 5 or 6 times a year I want to haul the Jeep, I don't think it would have been worth +$16,000 to move to a 2500 crew cab Cummins and deal with the higher priced diesel and higher maintenance costs.


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