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Tonneau cover seal with factory spray-in bedliner

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I just did a pretty brief search here to see if I could easily find the answer, but I was unable to find one so my question is, has anyone got the factory spray-in bedliner and installed the gaskets/seals for their tonneau cover? They call it an "element seal" in the documentation found here: http://www.agricover.com/downloads/pdf/50213.pdf?_ga=1.171829986.356800156.1451754969

Page four shows what I'm asking about effectively in the section titled "2: APPLY ELEMENT SEAL GASKET".

I purchased the Access Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover and it came with a long gasket/seal for the front of the box. For sure the gasket/seal needs to mount on the front of the bed but it's covered with bedliner where it needs to be applied. I highly doubt the adhesive on the gasket/seal will hold so I'm thinking I'll need to find some type of caulk-type adhesive to add. There's no way I'm the first person to encounter this but I haven't seen a verified solution yet.

Has anyone done this and/or have some brilliant ideas?


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I ended up getting some of the 3M Weatherstrip 8008 liquid adhesive and applying it. Seems to be working okay, in case someone ended up wondering.
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