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The wife's review......

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i wouldn't say she is the culprit, but the rebel was under her care, when it happened.....
Lol, she's changing all of your mirrors.
Great review!
good review, like that your wife gets in a drives the truck. my wife could careless to drive my trucks.
I made a good choice, the wife has been around horses her whole life and had her first dusky truck to tow her horse trailer at 21.....I'll be doing another video this weekend on the gooseneck I put in the rebels short bed, which with the gooseneck extender that clears the cab....I freaked out when at first I was told, and many online say you can't tow a gooseneck with a shortbed....wrong u can, and although installing a gooseneck in the rebel is a bitch due to the air suspension and leveling system, it can be done. It's usually a three hour job, it took a well known trailer shop in Pasadena, 9 hours, having a lift is a requirement, and they didn't have one.... I was told after the owner apologized for the delay, they will never install again on the 2015 ram 1500 shortbeds.....
At least you got yours in before the trailer shop put a black mark on 2015 ram 1500 shortbeds. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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