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The "R" word..

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Ok..I am new to Ram and was wondering about rust. I saw a Ram on the road today that didn't look too old, but had a decent amount of rust around the wheel wells. What's the skinny on the Ram...are they rust prone? Any more so than other brands?
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Older rams were/are notorious for rust. I lucked out and the older Rams I had were all from the South. Specifically my 2007 2500 was from Texas and it didn't have a lick of rust on it. Even the frame and drive train was still black with no surface rust. After 2 winters (and some mud somewhere between) it rusted out. I was good at keeping it clean and when I traded it in, she had little bubbles around the fender flares. The newer Rams are better with rust though. Although, any vehicle will rust eventually.
Just a matter of rust proofing and washing during the winter to keep that "R" word away fro as long as possible.
I think that washing is the best thing you can do. Another thing you can do is rust proofing it. Depends on the area you live in and how much salt they use on the road too.
Washing is indeed a good thing to do. I always make sure to hit up the local coin car wash, drop in $5 and I can get my rig clean enough underneath, along with the body, the crap you see left after is a big wake up call. Even the crap left before by other folks.
Share those season wash passes with a few friends and you'll be washing you Ram around once to twice per week dirt cheap for the whole winter season.
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