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Tailgate weather stripping ?

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Does anyone know if there factory weather stripping for the tailgate? I have read some references online that said that there is but when I called one of the local deals the parts department said it wasn't listed, so no.
Has anyone here gone down that path with factory or aftermarket weather stripping. I get quite a bit of dirt and snow in the back even when the box cover is closed. Also looking at the two photos below, should there not be a grommet sealing the hole the electrical goes through?

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So after some research I just ordered some automotive weather-stripping from Amazon and filled in the gaps. In regards to the hole in the bottom where the wiring goes, I looked at several different RAM trucks and non of them have it either so I decided to leave it alone.
For the hole where the wiring goes you might be able to get one of the wire covers that is used in the driver door and then modify it to work with the tailgate?
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