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Strange noise when hitting bumps

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I have a 2016 Rebel with 2040 miles on it. Just spent 3 days in shop and no solution.

Around 1800 miles a noise appeared on the right side of the truck sounds like it is coming from below and depending on where you sit it is either from the front or rear.

It is inconsistant and makes noise during these three things

1. left turns
2. uneven road where the front end is high / low side to side
3. medium size pot hole right side.

Large and small pot holes do not make noise.

noise sounds like metal on metal , but not a heavy metal like steal more like tin on tin.

anyone else have the same noise?
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it's not stones coming out of the tires? i've noticed those make a strange sound when they fly out.
Nope not stones, its definitely something in the truck, it's the exact same sound from the same place every time.
under thinking suspension or exhaust hangers
Funny you should mention this! My Rebel has just under 20k, and it has been in the shop twice over this issue with no results. The noise occurs when the suspension is warm and is in a mild flexing motion. I don't want to say it is a clicking noise but it's something along that line. My sales guy drove the truck and heard the noise,but when the mechanic looked it over he found nothing. The next time I will warm up the suspension before taking the truck back!

My Ram is the 2015 Rebel(White and Black) and I'm new to this forum, so hello to all.
Welcome to the forum. If the sales guy was able to hear it too then something is probably wrong with the Rebel. Does the clicking noise happen on flat roads?
The noise happens when the truck encounters a sharp bump,rolling dips in the road and uneven surfaces. But doesn't seem to happen when the truck is cold. Which is why the mechanic couldn't reproduce the noise when checking the suspension. Every time I've heard the noise the truck has been running for a few hours. And I would bet that it has something to do with the strut assembly. Doesn't sound like a ball joint or tie rod.
I have a "chattering" noise coming from the rear of the truck. It happens more when the truck is warm and when I come to a stop and turn either left or right. It started making that noise after they performed the rear axle shaft recall. Had it back to the dealer once, they said they bent some guards out of the way. Still makes noise. Went back again but they couldn't find anything wrong. The dealer wants me to come in and bring them for a ride to see what it is.
I'm not worried about it, its under warranty but I do want them to figure it out.
It almost sounds as if the limited slip is not disengaging when making turns. I asked if they used the right oil in the rear end and they said yes.
Are you people who are hearing this noise have the LSD?
daab, you described the noise as more like tin on tin, which to me would be a scraping or screeching sound. Is that what you're meaning, or some kind of a knocking or bumping or tapping sound?
The noise doesn't sound like metal on metal, but like a dry and worn bushing without the knock. Does this make any sense at all ? Maybe tomorrow I'll take it in again to have the mechanic look it over after a few hours of driving. Even a yard drive should produce the noise. Maybe the Flomaster Outlaw exhaust will quiet the noise. Just kidding, But as you all know once you hear an odd noise anywhere in ,on or around your vehicle it will drive you completely nuts.
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Don't give in, keep going back till it's fixed or change dealerships like I am.

My weird noise coming from the rear turned out to be a shop error, as in they didn't replace/top up the diff lube when they replaced my axle. Had to demand the shop foreman who was a "tool" himself to come for a ride the second time complaining about it and the moron had the nerve to argue with me that it was my Auto 4x4 making the grinding noise at low speed turns in 2wd... oh you guys have no idea how angry and frustrated I was when he kept repeating it incorrectly even when I called his error out and reminded him the Rebel trim only comes with one option of transfer case. This is all before he even gets in the truck... good grief.

Long story short, I back out of the service door and his eyes bug out when he hears the diff grind as I begin to turn... no diff fluid. Two visits, two senior shop people 2 weeks of frustration but now it's fixed and in writing that any damage in the future because of it and they will replace the rear.
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If it were me, I'd write to Ram or to FCA about that experience and include a copy of the service info from the visit as well as the service info from the recall visit. FCA might have a response for you like a complete differential swap or at least rebuild. Or warranty extension or something. Or maybe just a sympathy response. But at least you're on the record with FCA and not just with the local dealer. If nothing else, they might at least put out some service bulletins so that other customers don't have the same frustration in similar circumstances.

Glad you got it fixed. Had to be worrisome and annoying.
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I'd have wanted to see the inside of the diff after that. If there was excessive wear I'd have gotten a new axle. Every time it made that noise it was scrapping metal off your gears accelerating the aging process.

Story time: In the 90's I bought a used Dodge Raider. I had it 2 weeks and the 5-speed manual transmission literally fell apart while I was driving. The dealer gave me some bullshit about how they will fix it but I have to pay half. I said fix it or keep it. They fixed it. As part of the issue it damaged the clutch plate, flywheel and main seal. In the process of doing that they screwed up the oil pump. I didn't even get home before the engine ceased. The oil pressure gauge was not hooked up properly and showed pressure but there was no oil flowing anywhere. They said this time that I had to pay 25%. Again, fix it or keep it. I picked the vehicle up after it's second rebuild and never darkened their door again nor paid a cent. I paid that vehicle off before the end date and never looked back. After their work it ran for another 8 years until the roof rusted off of it.
Moral: Remember who the customer is and don't let them forget it. You don't have to be a jerk about it but you more definitely need to be assertive.

People get the service they deserve. If a service place has incompetent people, argumentative service reps, or just plain ignorant people about the product they are servicing, you can go elsewhere. Even if it is a further drive. There are always options. Consumers vote with their dollars. Too many people just sit and take it or just don't understand so blindly trust their service people without any question. It doesn't take much research to find out how your vehicle works and unless you are very anti-social you are bound to know someone who knows someone who actually has a clue that can help you if you don't.

(steps down off soapbox)
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Dealers are mini geo-monopolies. Just like the big cable companies that usually are the only choice for broadband in large regions, dealers are monopolies if you don't want to leave their area. Treat them as such.
Well today I did some more snooping around and discovered the noise.

Inside the right fender wheel well there is an access door to the release for the headlamp. I opened that and there is some plastic box inside, not the headlamp. That box is loose and moves around. When I hold it tight by hand and the noise goes away. Looks like the fender might have to be removed to get to it, Going to let the shop take care of it.

So if anyone else gets a strange noise then take a look at this.
daab, you described the noise as more like tin on tin, which to me would be a scraping or screeching sound. Is that what you're meaning, or some kind of a knocking or bumping or tapping sound?
I get a random tin sounding 'ping' once in a while. I thought it may be a stone being tossed but it seems to be a bit too random.. sounds like something like a heat shield.. only happened a couple of times. once on the highway.. but noticed before that the truck really picks up a lot of rocks in the treads.. will get some flaps installed since I don't want to start beating up the sides of the truck..

definitely not a scrape or screech.. more like the sound you would hear if you bounce a marble off of a sheet of tin..

will get under the truck at some point and see where all of the heat shields are located... very possible that it is a stone that is stuck in the tire that is ejected once highway speeds are achieved.. (more reason for mud flaps.. so I am not chucking rocks at people behind me)
Rattling and wheel shaking over bumps

I have a "noise" that sounds like a shock that's "bouncing" and a vibration in the steering wheel. This mysterious "rattle" happens at moderate speeds in a left turn mostly. It feels like the left front wheel is "bouncing" and coming off the ground sometimes.
I took the truck to the dealer and they said they found a loose cross member and had tightened all the bolts. A week later I had the same "rattling". Took the truck back for a 5K mile LOF and made them aware of the noise. Left the truck over night and when I came the next day, the service advisor said that the mechanic could not reproduce the rattle and that the cross member was tight. The truck has 39K miles and is out of the 3/36. But has an extended warranty.
Not sure what is going on with the suspension or if this is "NORMAL" for an air suspension.
Could it be sway bar end links? A stretch, perhaps, but they just might be worth looking at...

I just read a post on another forum where a Ram owner had the same symptoms and it turned out to be upper control arm nuts that hadn't been properly torqued from factory, essentially loose upper control arms. Possible TSB from what I read... not confirmed.

Might be worth looking at.
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