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Stock Rebel in women's off-road Rebelle Rally

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You beat me to it! I just saw the news today and the rally sounds interesting. They're supposed to navigate for 7 days with only a map and compass but won't the competitors just follow each other? Or do they all start at different points?
I don't really know. That's all I've seen on it so far. Been having too much fun this weekend to spend much time on it.
There will be times you will see the competition and can use that as a reference point but what good is it to only rely on them? what if one of them happens to be going the wrong way or take the wrong turn and you follow? but if you see a group of them... you're okay.
Honestly, even sometimes following the herd can lead you to demise !
One pair will be with driver Nena Barlow and navigator Kande Shrum Jacobsen in an all stock rebel. Going to be interesting to see how the rebel handles long off-road trips like this from Lake Tahoe, Nevada, to San Diego, California.
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