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Started Rebel w/Cell Phone!

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This Uconnect system is amazing! I was able to lock and unlock my truck with my cell phone today. Then I also used my cell phone to start it and turn it off. I needed to fetch something from the truck today but it was locked, and I was too lazy to walk all the way to the house and look for them. So I whipped out the phone and unlocked the truck. Too cool! I amuse easily. I enrolled on line with Moparownerconnect.com and now receive monthly vehicle health reports via email. The report updates powertrain, oil/fluids, brakes/suspension, and safety issues on a report card type of system. Even the tire pressure is listed. Geesh! Like I said, I'm easily amused. My previous Ram is 11 years old, so this is all very cool to me.
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I have used it too, it didn't work all the time for me. Haven't used the feature in a few months. The lady at Uconnect said since the iPhone does so many updates that you have to uninstall the Uconnect app and reinstall it each time the phone updates.

Glad you like it, it is a neat feature.
Does not work well in my area, for sure not worth the $16 a month after the trial
The range on my key fob leaves a lot to be desired as well, I wonder if they shortened the range of the key fog to encourage people to pay the $16 a month
Has anyone tried it with an andriod phone? I assume since andriod updates are more sparse compared to apple, the uconnect app won't be need to be installed as frequently.
Has anyone tried it with an andriod phone? I assume since andriod updates are more sparse compared to apple, the uconnect app won't be need to be installed as frequently.
Mine is an android. We'll see how it operates over the long haul. Yeah, not something I'd pay $16/month for, but cool during the free trial.
I am really starting to hate the uconnect app
It opens by itself every time I get into the truck. Sometimes I will close it and it opens a second and third time
This is on iphone6
The weather is now getting nice and I have no reason to start the Rebel remotely which is all the app is good for anyway
Not sure if that's an apple problem or a problem with the app provider. When did this start? The last Uconnect Access app update on itunes was Feb 25, 2016. If it happened right after the update then it's probably an app problem but if it happened sometime after that point and after an apple update then it's apple's fault.
I could care less whose fault it is.
No way is the app or uconnect worth anything to me after the free trial
Then I will delete the app the next day
Mine worked 60% of the time. Not worth the monthly charge.
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I don't really have a use for it but of course I tried it lol
I have no issues with the app. I am running the app on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But previously, I had a Galaxy note 4 and had no issues with that one either.

I would say my only gripe is that you have to open the uConnect app whenever you want to use Pandora. Otherwise, I don't have any issues with the app. My wife's Cherokee has no issues either and she is running a Galaxy S6.
I have had very good luck with my Note 5, and my wife has no issues with her iphone with her Jeep. It was a little hit and miss at first for me, but a phone call to uconnect, and it has been working 100% of the time.
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