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Hi everyone! I am the proud new owner of a red and black 2016 Ram Rebel... I've already started with the upgrades :)
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Welcome! What kind of upgrades have you already made or will make?
Welcome to the forum, glad to see you've started with upgrades already. What upgrades did you start with so far?

In for seeing pictures if you happen to have any!
Spintech 9000 muffler and Vararam Air Grabber intake, shorty antenna and billet fuel door on the way.
What does the fuel door do/ look like?

Also would be cool to hear the engine note now that you have the new muffler.

Welcome to the forum and congrats!
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Fuel door is a billet matte black finish. Exhaust sounds really tough, especially now with the Vararam intake installed.
I'll take pics once I wash it...
Hello, congrats:)
Do you have some photos to show us ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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