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Sort of new...

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So I am sort of new... I have been lurking since I picked up my Rebel in December after a long wait to finally get into a Ram after a slew of cars I wasn't all that thrilled with.

So far I have seen a number of Rebels in Northern Virginia, anyone on the forum in these parts?
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How's your Ram rebel been treating you and what features did you get?
So far its treating me well. As far as features I have everything with exception to the Ram Box and dual climate... which I have never had a vehicle without dual climate... but it doesn't seem to impact me much.
Dual climate usually impacts the other passengers more but it's not all that important for the driver unless your passenger keeps messing with the temp controls.
Not a fan of the Ram boxes?
I actually wanted the Ram Box but the dealership happened to get this one in the day before I went in to take a look at spec options. I guess they ordered it for a buyer but somewhere in the process the buyer backed out so I got a good deal and all the options minus the two mentioned.
Those are two options you can live without.
You got a good deal for it? How much was your Rebel?
I bought my red/blk rebel back in august and live in Winchester area.
With incentives I got it for around 46k.

Haven't seen a red/blk around yet, I'll keep a lookout for you around. Might have to see if we can get a run to the Cove planned.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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