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I've had my Rebel for a couple weeks now in Erie, PA. I traded in my '03 Wrangler for the granite/black Rebel. It was like going from a home made go-cart to a 747. I don't have to say that it, indeed, had me on the test drive. I'm happy to see there's a forum for Rebels cuz I'm gonna have lots of questions. The one thing I regret not getting on it is the skid plates (protection package, I think). Anyone know if they are available or after market? Thanks all and Rebel on!!!!!
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Congrads on the purchase. I think you can purchase the plates afterwards. Though most of them came with the protection plates, odd. Also you will find ALOT of people here are very knowledgeable and more than willing to help.
I was under the assumption all Rebels came with skid plates, seems like a big oversight for them not to put it on yours, not sure why they would make that an option.
So it was on the lot, or you ordered it?

Congrats either way, love the granite!
My last truck was a 2013 Ram Sport. I just went to the parts dept. at my dealer and ordered skid plates for my ram. I think it was like $200-300 for all of them. But I pretty sure the rebel comes with the skid plates, well at least it did for my Rebel.
Most of the Rebels I have looked at have skid plates listed as an option for like $150. I think this just adds the transfer case skid. I believe you already have the suspension skid built into front bumper. At least that is how I think the package works.

I have only found one dealer around my area that doesn't have that package on every Rebel.
Thanks for all the info. I was looking at a few rebels that were on the lot and all of them had the protection package except the one I wanted. In hind sight, I shoulda just had them put it in, but I guess I was caught up in the "rebel" excitement. I'm assuming I'll be able to put them on myself so I'll just order them. Thanks again all!!!!
congrats. yes protection package is an option, but your dealer can order it for you and bolt it on.
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