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Buyer beware: RIPP Superchargers advertises these coil packs to increase HP and Torque and actually have a video of a 5.7 Hemi Challenger making 20 more HP on a dyno after installing their coil packs or so they claim. I bought a set for my 2019 Ram Rebel (5.7 non-ETorque). I did three 1/4 mile pulls before installation and three after installation. My truck is running .25 seconds slower thanks to that awesome RIPP performance - not. I can't tell any difference in gas mileage - which is another one of their claims. I wrote a 2-Star review and posted it to their website, but apparently, they only show 5-Star reviews of their products on their website. Those 5-Star reviews primarily talk about a performance increase that can be "felt, but I didn't see proof of performance or gas mileage gains. RIPP has yet to return my email about their product not working as advertised or answered why they haven't posted my review. I saw a YouTube video with similar results after installing RIPP Coils in a 3.6 Challenger - his 0 to 60 got worse.

On a positive note, I did notice performance and gas mileage gains on a previous installation of a Vararam cold air intake and it looks cool.
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