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Resonator Delete???

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I am looking for opinions of those who have deleted their resonators on a Hemi Ram. I am exploring my options for better sound out of my Rebel. I'll either do a muffler swap to Corsa or Flowmaster or just do a resonator delete.

I want-

Better sounds(let that HEMI roar)
No LOSS of fuel mileage
No exhaust droan

Pros/Cons/Opinions????? Fire away!!!!
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Don't waste your time pal : https://youtu.be/sAr8uNj-bj4
Roomraider- Can you take another youtube video of your Outlaw Exhaust? I'm wondering what it sounds like WOT from a dead stop- but this time outside the truck. Maybe put the camera on the ground and take off??? I still can't decide which muffler to go with. Your other videos sounds great, but none seem to be at WOT. I'm really wondering if you get any "Crackling" or "Popping" from the rear end. I want an aggressive sound, but can't stand when it sounds like a tin can is rattling around in the tale pipes.

Thanks in advance!!!

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I can assure you, the tin can syndrome does not exist with this muffler. The spirited drive vid has wot after turning @ the intersection. Everybody here that has installed this muffler loves it. I'll try to get some wot vid outside the truck.
Ok, Ok....I give in. BUT, intsead of the Outlaw DIY setup, I'm going with the Super 10, welded. Cost is $150 installed.

Same muffler.
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