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In the past week my remote starter on my 2016 Ram Rebel does not like to work first thing in the morning (first start of the day). In the past 10 days it is has failed to start at least 5-6 times. Horn will sound twice, lights flash and engine will fire for a second and die/shut off. The display will show "Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset."

If I use the push button start it fires right up, no check engine, door are not open, battery is brand new in August. Gas Tank was full this morning when it wouldn't work.

I have owned this truck since new (3.5 years) and I am not doing anything different from a use standpoint.

About 10-14 days ago my local gas station started offering Ethanol free super unleaded gas and I started to use that (90 octane). Would this cause this problem?

I have yet to have this problem any other time of day, even if the truck has been outside and cold from working all day (8 hours). It only has done it first thing in the morning. At night the truck is in a unheated attached garage.

Dealer said they could look at it on Friday but would welcome any suggestions before then.

Thank you.
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