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Rebel's first scratch.....

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So, much to my dismay, after being out on the road last two weeks in the big truck, and the rebel being under the wife's care, noticed yesterday, two deep one inch scratches on the passenger back quarter panel....after watching three hours of youtube videos, on how to repair....the wife insisted it get fixed professionally...drove by the clear lake dealership yesterday, they said the will repaint the entire panel for around 275 bucks, in by 9am out by 3pm....im thinking thats prob the best solution...what say u?
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Now you just have to forget that it ever happened at all!

It's scary to think of all the things that could happen to your new purchase when you're not around... I work construction and today I look out the building to see 5 guys standing around my truck, 2 leaning on it and one actually put his coffee on my hood... needless to say the guy next to me crapped his pants I yelled so loud. Had it been my 2002 Dakota, I wouldn't have cared as much, maybe. ;)
Oh man...I would have been HOT if looked out the window where I work and saw that.
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