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Rebel Search Woes

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I am trying to buy a Rebel, and being from the Detroit area, you'd think they would be around!

Turns out they are hard to find with the features I am looking for. Dealer said that none of them are around and will keep an eye out.

Looking for a Granite two-tone, Rambox, 8.4Nav, with Push N Go option and Rebel Instrument Panel.

Patience is a virtue I suppose! But these trucks look and ride awesome.
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Finally decided to officially join up since one of these days I will buy one.

I to am a little frustrated finding what I want. Here in South Florida find that many dealers behave if they do not want to sell you a car. First I tried to order but only one dealer even quoted. Seems you have to pay a premium to order. Others don't answer or just refuse to even quote. Or they try to sell you something they have that you don't want.

I have come to the conclusion to just wait it out until a 2016 comes available with all the options I want and the options I don't want. I am fortunate that it is not an urgent matter.

By the way, my wife's new car has push button start. Never thought much about it until using her car. Find it is a very cool option and keys never come out of the pocket (or out of the purse). The only negative is I still reach for the none existent key when I try to shut if off. Old old habits...

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