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Rebel next to a Raptor Video

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Rebel vs Raptor - I still love the Rebel!!

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Park Joe's next to it and you would love it more! 6" BDS lift would dwarf that Raptor.
I do like the trio of LED lights int eh bumper but that's it. Rebel still look the best overall.
The LED lights on the bumper of the Raptor do look really nice. But overall, I love the Rebel front end.. Just looks so aggressive ! Kinda like the rear end of the Raptor though... Hmm ...
What happen to Carbon 8, he was a Raptor Fan. Guess when his Rebel purchase went south he took a taxi to the Ford Dealership.
Last I heard, he was going to get a Ford but I'm not sure if that's happened already. Generally the Rebel is nicer (IMO) but once in a while a lemon appears.
On the plus side when it comes to lemons being reported, i haven't heard of many or enough to the point it has completely discouraged me from considering one.
Worse case I've heard about was Carbon 8's Rebel. Everyone else had a problem here and there but generally manageable and ti comes with being the first people to get one.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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