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Rebel in the Great White North

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Hey guys,

New member here from British Columbia Canada.

We picked up our White/Gloss Black Rebel yesterday and are all :D so far. I find the ride a little stiff, in all modes.. But hopefully it'll break in with time.

We were previous Jeep owners. We had a 14' Rubicon with a whole bunch of goodies, and a 15' Grand Limited w/LuxII package. While the Rubicon went everywhere we wanted, it was horrible on the highway. The Grand was excellent on the highway, it was horrible off road.

Paying $1100/mo for both got old fast, so we traded both in on a Rebel. Saved a bunch of dough, and it should suit our on and off road duties perfectly.

We still needed a second car… The dealer had a MINT, completely babied, one owner, 52,000KM (32,000MI) Caliber SRT4. It had the factory Mopar Stage II engine and suspension upgrades. I couldn't say no. …It hauls ass...

Coming from a previous background of fast cars, we now have the perfect combo.

Will post up some pics in a bit!

-Craig from BC :)
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Congrats Craig, keepin it in the Mopar family! Welcome to the Forum pal, can't wait to see pics.
Always liked how white vehicles look in the snow, hopefully you can get some good shots of your rebel having fun in the snow... which isn't all too far out.
Welcome to the forum..
Thanks All!

Attached is a pic of our new Rebel. The graphics package was NOT my idea.
It was part of a sales promotion they had going on in Canada…

It looks pretty cool, but is WAY too out there for us… I think it'll be coming off this afternoon.


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The graphics look pretty cool. Was it a free package promotion?
Would stink to pay for it and then rip it off the next day.
The white Rebel was hard to find, and I wasn't into a factory order due to timing.
We found this one at another dealer, and they had added the decals, side steps, wheel locks and mud flaps.
There was an added cost for all of it.

Braby Motors in Salmon Arm where I bought was awesome to deal with. When the Rebel got there, they shot me a credit on the side steps and threw in Nav. I told them the stickers were coming straight off.

All in all, pretty happy.
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