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Rear End Gears: 3:21s or 3:92s?

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Hey guys....new here. I've been looking at purchasing a Rebel to use as my personal work truck. I currently don't own a truck but I love the look of the Rebels. My brother in law has a white 2016 and it's pretty darn nice. I've more or less chosen exactly what I want for options and colour. My only thing I'm stuck on is the rear end gears with either the 3:21s or 3:92s. My new job requires me to do a lot of driving, both in the city and the highway. In the summer months, I'll be doing a lot of long highway trips towing a travel trailer. I also would be towing my muscle cars with it as well. The long highway trips leads me towards the 3:21s for better MPG since the engine will be revving lower. My brother-in-law has 3:92s in his and when we recently took it on a 12 hr trip to pick up a '71 Charger I bought, it seemed like the engine was revving a bit higher and the MPG wasn't all that great (140kph/87mph @ around 2,700 rpm lead to 19L per 100/12mpg). This is where I think the 3:21s would of come in handy. To those guys with 3:21s, on the highway, what does your truck usually sit at for rpms? Does the gears really make that much of a difference or am I wasting my time comparing them? My wife bought a brand new Wrangler with 3:73s instead of the 3:21s available and it seems to rev pretty high on the highway.

Now, while I am leaning towards ordering a new one, I did find a lease return local to me. It's about $7,000 CAD less then I can get a new one for and has about 6,500 km (4000 miles). It's exactly what I want colour and option wise but it has 3:92s. How easy is it to change the gears out for 3:21s? Is it just a simple gear set change?

Thoughts? Thanks!!:)
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I'd suggest sticking with the 92's. My previous truck (14 1500 Hemi) had 21's. Towing is better and your max trailer weight is higher with the 92's. Yes, you MPG won't be as good but it's not going to be enough to matter. I won't ever get 21's again. I more-or-less got them as a mistake.

I regularly get 16 in town and 21 on the highway. During the warm months I tow my boat around alot too. Took my heavy fiberglass boat to Minnesota, went 70 the whole way and got a 18.7 mpg.
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