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Rear DVD that plays with uconnect

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Has anyone installed a rear DVD/Bluray entertainment system in their Rebel?
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You could just mount an iPad to the back of your headrest. May actually be the cheaper option too depending on which iPad you get.
I am getting an overhead DVD installed as we speak. The sound will work with the UConnect factory radio through the Aux input. I am also having an HDMI input placed up front to stream from phone to the player.

I don't think there is a way to control the unit with it, but will let you know if there is
Please post pics/vids when done, would like to see how this looks. Cheers.
I had a 15" installed for the kids about a month ago. Best investment ever.


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Sorry for delay. 13". Connected to play audio through the factory radio or through dual wireless headphones. Plays DVD, can hook up firestick/Roku/chromecast, also have HDMI input wired to the center console box. I can plug iPad or iPhone into that hdmi input and stream content back to the kids. Can also hook up a game console with the rca inputs. Thinking about getting an old PlayStation or maybe even an old Nintendo for some retro games for the kids
Where did you get that entertainment unit?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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