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I thought I'd share this since I see lots of guys asking about tuners, intakes, exhausts and other performance mods. I've browsed pretty much every forum relating to this but nobody had actual numbers or evidence to see if it made a difference or if it's really worth the money. Here's my take along with testing on the mods I've done so far.

My truck for reference, 2017 Rebel with the 8 speed and 3.92 gears, weighing in at 5800lbs, all of these tests were done with a DA (Density altitude) around 3500ft. The results will be significantly different for the guys at or below sea level.

Bone stock the truck did 0-60 in 7 seconds flat with the 285/70 Toyo AT2's.

I added a Vararam intake along with an 87mm throttle body from Moes Performance, those coupled together made a very noticeable difference. Lots of guys don't like the Vararam but as long as you install it correctly there's no issues. You have to loosen and bend an A/C line so the rubber surrounding on the intake can sit level with the weather stripping on the hood for a seal. I also added 315's on the stock wheels which added a lot more rolling resistance.

Before the intake/throttle body: 0-60 in 7.5 sec
After the intake/throttle body: 0-60 in 6.8 sec

I picked up the Edge Pulsar which works really well for what it is, I always ran it on performance with 91 octane. Much better drivability and a lot more responsive, 27rwhp gain on performance. At the time I had some Fuel 20x10's wrapped in really aggressive 10ply 33x12.5's.

Best 0-60 with minimal spinning was 6.5 sec.

I've got a new Trinity sitting at home that I'll install this spring along with a set of JBA catless long tubes. I'll be using Jay Greene's custom engine and trans tune when it's time, hoping to squeak into the high 5 sec range!
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