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Rams Trucks Are Unsafe?

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I just read this article saying Rams and Gm trucks are unsafe.Here's article of it.Ford F-150 comes top in key crash test; Ram trucks score worst - Apr. 12, 2016 I just purchase a new ram rebel last Friday but I just hope I never get into a frontal major car accident.:|
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Just read this as well and not feeling good about now. Still love my REBEL. Before the REBEL had a 2015 Ford F150 Platinum and every bump I hit the back end was all over the place.
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not unsafe. just didn't do as well as ford. GM and toyota barely fared better.

id like to point out that safety is much better on modern vehicles than it used to be. compare to an 90's truck. no ones screaming to take them off the road because they are going to kill you. yet your modern ram is safer.
IIHS is a well respected organization. The process they follow is no secret and the auto industry knows exactly what they will test. I work in the consumer product industry and have been heavily involved in the research, design, development, quality control, and manufacturing process (not Auto). It always surprises me when a company fails some kind of well known industry test or standard. This means FCA was either negligent or made a management decision not to meet the IIHS standard (there are thousands of potential reasons).

As stated above, the product is greatly safer then past vehicles. The major marketing rule in any well known brand sold to consumers…. never give your potential customer an excuse NOT TO BUY your product. FCA just broke a major marketing rule. Maybe it is cheeper to explain it away then to actually make the changes to meet a better IIHS standard (speculative). I’m sure FCA knew at some point the 1500 would be tested. Glad i’m not in FCA's office today. Can’t imagine the onslaught coming there way.

Thanks a lot FCA… I was just about to pull the trigger on a REBEL… hours of research. Now this safety doubt is planted in my mind. At least they could of aimed for not being at the bottom of the list.
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oh well. already bought the truck.... drive carefully :)
oh well. already bought the truck.... drive carefully :)
Safety ratings

go there and do some research.

here are my findings.

they changed the test in 2015. it used to be a moderate overlap front.

in the moderate overlap front the current generation ram did well. it received good ratings (equal to the current f150 in this years test). the f150 from that test (comparing 2014 f150 (steel) to 2014 ram in moderate overlap test) did worse than the ram.

right when the test changes in 2015 guess what else happens? ford releases the new aluminum f150. the test changes to the small overlap where everyone but the f150 does poorly.

not crying a conspiracy here im just pointing out the data is very skewed and you can't objectively make the call that any of the other brands are unsafe based off the most recent "test".

to summarize:

in 2014 and prior years the test was moderate overlap and the ram did well, better than the 2014 f150.

in 2015 the test changed to small overlap the same year the new aluminum f150 debuted. now the f150 is on top and everyone else is doing poorly in the new test.

make your own conclusions.
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Two things I don't lose sleep over regarding my truck. What kind of MPG I get and coming out on the losing end of a pile up.

Have you seen some of the minuscule pieces of crap people are driving without a care? Granted this was a specific pillar crash which seems a bit obscure to me. You can roll a tank over given the right conditions. Not trying to be flip but just tired of another agency telling me to be afraid. I'm not afraid and feel much more safe in my truck than the wife's C300 which gets excellent safety ratings.

Buy a Ford if you think its safer in a crash, I'll stick to my Ram which handles much better and maybe will allow me to avoid the same accident, who knows.
You hit the nail on the head modru, the f150 was redesigned and made specifically to pass this test in its latest iteration as they new it was going to be a "thing" in 2015. This test was NOT a concern or even something that was tested for when all other current full size trucks were designed. Wait until GM and RAM have a platform refresh and then it will be a fair comparison. You can also see the IIHS testing done, other than the small overlap, in the link was with a 2009 and 2011 ram 1500.
I joined the Army, I got married, I had kids......car crashes don't even rate on my scale of bad things that can happen to me.
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This stuff is irrelevant. It's not like the truck crumbles to the ground. Drive carefully.
How likely are you going to hit something at that angle on such a small area of your hood anyways? You'd have to angle yourself perfectly at a light pole in order to repeat the test. You're a truck and unless the Rebel hits an 18 wheeler, most of the time you'll come out fine against cars and other trucks.
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Ford won because it's basically a big coke can!!! No thanks, I'll take my behemoth REBEL over the Aluminum F150 any day.
If the truck was actually unsafe we wouldn't be driving them everyday. Vehicles have to pass a large battery of tests before they are able to bring them to market.

"Unsafe" is click-bait.

What really is unsafe is the average self-important distracted driver.
Its an old thread but I am going to open it back up. I believe the difference why the ford does so well is because of the weight of the vehicle. If every vehicle tested is tested at the same MPH, then it is unfair / unreal test because the lower weight a vehicle has the less energy it has to absorb on impact.

If the standard test process was based on energy it would be a more fair comparison because the heavier vehicle would have to be tested at a lower speed. In the real world, the heavier vehicle will have a better chance than the lighter vehicle if both try to occupy the same space at the same time.

We had a wreck locally where a RAM was waiting to turn left across oncoming highway traffic and someone rear ended him and pushed him into an oncoming car that resulted in the exact off set crash that was tested.

There were two people in the sedan that hit the RAM and both died sorry to say. The RAM driver was not seriously injured. It was a horrific crash to say the lease.

On a positive note, the Rebel has an all steel front and rear bumper. It should do even better than the standard RAM's.
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