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Ram Rebel Slide - Seat Abuse!!

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Do you even slide?
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I know I slide out of my Rebel. I have been curious about it as well, if/when I will damage my seat doing so.
I have a '96 Ram PU and an '04 Ford Quigly 4x4 conversion 250 van. I use both for work and granted they are not new and the drivers seats have had MANY trips in and out of them. BUT fairly early on after just a few years seats in both had worn through. The Ram originally had cloth interior, after that wore through I replaced with leather which lasted much longer but did wear through again. I just put a cover on the Van drivers seat. Both had nerf bars or steps but I have to remember to use them on the way out of the trucks, getting in is not the problem. I had the Mopar nerf/side steps installed on the Rebel at the dealer before I took delivery, I just need to get in the habit of using them on the way out. The Rebel seats may be tougher material. Don't want to risk it I really like the Rebel. The Mopar bars are the black ones and match the rest of the black on the truck well. Aside from the seat wear I needed the steps so my wife could get in - need to keep the peace right?
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