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Ram Rebel Off-Road Review

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The Fast Lane Truck uploaded an off-road review of the ram rebel on youtube. Has anyone gone on a steep hill or rocks like that?

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Lame course, 'proving ground' always give the vehicle an easy time. I rather see some real owner put one of these through a course they think would be a real test. It's the sort of thing that gets you to see things like this:

Took my rebel for some serious off-roading on the Concession Lake Trail and a few other trails around there (guys from Ontario will know what im talking about) deep mudholes, steep climbs and decent's, LOTS of rocks overall very gnarly, the truck did amazing on the trail did not struggle BUT alignment was thrown off afterwards and i did dent my bumper (my fault not the trucks lol)....one thing i will say is im a bit uneasy about the air suspension offroad and the abuse it can handle. If i was gonna run the rebel hard offroad very often i would consider a swap to coils BDS style and some bigger rubber but for what the truck is it did amazing and overall was very impressed


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Were you close to bottoming out on the stock suspension over rocks and such? It was originally designed for off roading so it's a bit concerning to heard that it may not be able to take the abuse.
Not bad CanadianRebel, although alignment was out of wack after it's probably better than what trucks from other truck makes would be capable of. Have you owned trucks from other brands that you also took on trails similar to that one?
Nope suspension was not gonna bottom out but definitely pushed close to its limits,

and the rebel is my first truck so i cant compare but i would imagine the rebel would not be outdone by many other trucks, its at the top of the offroad game
theres not much on the forum about off roading in particular it would be interesting to hear peoples experiences and opinions on the trucks capability
We did have an off road thread but it hasn't been updated in a while. http://www.ramrebelforum.com/forum/ram-rebel-general-discussion/2954-off-road-runs.html

We could always start a new one here.
found this cool shot from the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area, don't think the Rebel is supposed to do that and the landing will definitely not be soft.

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Now that appears to be maxing out the suspension travel
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