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So...yesterday I traded in my 2015 Toyota trd pro for a 2015 Ram Rebel. Couldn't be happier. First off, I want to say that I used to be a strong Toyota supporter. I had a rock warrior edition that was awesome but when I "upgraded" to the trd...I was ultimately disappointed. I work out on ranches all the time and as such storage for gear is paramount. Rather than all of the things Toyota did wrong, I'll focus on things that Rebel did right and I find useful.
These are things that are found on the Rebel that are not on the Tundra. Not an inclusive list but some highlights....
1. Double glove boxes (upper and lower).
2. Double center console (upper and lower)
3. Rear left side passenger underseat storage
4. Rear floorboard storage on both sides.
5. Rambox
6. auto raising windows for driver and passenger. Awesome feature.
7. equipped with tires that you don't have to swap out as soon as you leave dealership.
8. place to keep your cell phone from sliding all over the place (center console was done well).
9. regular plug outlet
Anyway, I uploaded some photos in the gallery showing the interior with storage items open. Hope you find it helpful.
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