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Radio question

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I have my iPod in the USB port in the center console. Every once in a while I will have the radio on driving down the road and the iPod kicks in. I don't touch anything on the dash or steering wheel and the ipod lock is on so I know it isn't getting activated by anything in the console. I have unplugged the ipod a couple times to see if I can reset it but it continues. Seems to happen most frequently on cold morning. This happening to anyone else?
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This would happen on my 14 express I had. It was so annoying. Took it to the dealer twice and gave up...just dealt with it unfortunately.
Cold weather & electronics turn quite fickle.
I had similar issue with my ipod in my 07 ram. I would always take my ipod with me when I got home. That seemed to help. Plus, just in case some nut job broke into my truck I'd be a little happier I'd at least still have my ipod :)
Appreciate the info. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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