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Radiator Fan Noise

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Just bought my Rebel a week ago and unfortunately have a problem with it already. It seems like the radiator fan is not disengaging and my truck sounds like a jet engine, especially through the first 3 gears.

It didn't do this the first few days I had it so I know that the sound is not normal.

I'm taking it in tomorrow but was curious if anyone else has ran into this?

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Yes. when you cold start the truck the fan is very loud when you put the truck into drive. Its only like this for a few seconds. nothing to worry about.
My Dakota would do that even in warm weather.

Had it at the dealer today and it turns out the fan clutch was not disengaging. They said there have been a few other dodges in the shop with similar issues. Glad it's fixed!
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Glad you had it fixed. What would have happened if the fan clutch continued to be stuck?
Normally that's not going to hurt anything. Just means the fan continues to blow all the time, like in older vehicles without clutched fans. Although it is noisier.
Well, if it persists long enough, it will increase wear on the clutch (obviously) and if it goes you could potentially be replacing a radiator and fan with that clutch. Same issue started on my 04 wrangler. Managed to get enough mud and sand in it. Started revving in low gears. Kept up for years with me planning to fix one day... Until she went on me... Not fun extra carnage to replace.
Actually, the clutch wears more from engaging and disengaging, which gradually wearing down its clutch surfaces. Being engaged continuously prevents the normal clutch wear. Getting contaminants like sand into it are a different problem altogether. The gotcha is that the fan itself and its bearings aren't designed for continuous duty.

Certainly for a short time it's just an annoyance until you have time to fix it or get it fixed.
One reason why I don't like owning any vehicles for a long time unless i'm seriously passionate about it and see myself keeping it for at least a decade. Something to JUST get around and JUST do what you need it to do, is just temporary to me.
2016 ram 1500

my truck (only 3500) miles is doing this exact same thing right now. in the beginning I thought it was because I was cold starting it. its summer now (90 plus degrees) and its louder than ever, even after the engines has been running a while. the only time its not loud is at about 1000 rpm. is this fix covered under warranty? pretty disappointed after a almost 50k purchase
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