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Quick tour of the 2017 Ram Rebel

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Thanks to @Auto Cars for the short clip of the truck both outside and inside of it.

I initially like the white color truck, but seeing the interior colors of the red and black seats... I changed my mind to getting the red truck. I feel like the colors go well with the red truck.

I wish the front emblem wasn't so big.... I'll probably end up either plasti-dipping it or see if I can take it off :D
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I was hoping to see the CarPlay screen an functionality.
Not sure I understand? This looks identical to my 2015?
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Not sure I understand? This looks identical to my 2015?
There are several of these videos on Youtube. it's not a 2017.. it may not even be a 2016..

They do this to get views.. I'll do a walkaround of mine and call it a preview of the 2018 ram rebel.. if it's on the internet it's true right? :)
Need to put some gas in that sled or its not moving to far into 2017.
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