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Philips 9012 LED Bulbs

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Been following the following thread over at ramforumz in regards to some Philips 9012 LED bulbs fitting the projector style headlights:
Was never really happy with the Rebel having the white LED fog lights and the yellowish halogen bulbs in the projectors. I ended up ordering a set of these from the Auto LED Corp(their email is: [email protected]) and took about 6 business days to receive them as they are located in Canada. You end up getting a set of the 9012 Philips LED bulbs along with a set of decoders to help eliminate any error codes(light out, etc.). Install was pretty easy, just have to stuff everything inside the projector light housing. Here are some pictures below for comparison. Happy with them thus far as they match the LED fog lighting well and provide a little more light output than the halogen bulbs.


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Wow that looks a lot brighter when you see it from the front. Were there any error codes after the installation?
No error codes, thats why the decoders are included to help eliminate those issues. Picture(borrowed from ramforumz) attached below of what is included in the kit. My cost was $138 for the kit, I believe this is a standard cost for this kit, but it may vary.


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I just contacted the AUTO LED Group and they said on my 2016 Rebel (that arrives this week), will have a 9005 bulb instead of the 9012, he said they changed them. I had not read anything about that on this site or the others. I guess I am going to have to wait to get my new LED's until the truck arrives. Great write up, thank you.
I would think they would still use the 9012 bulb. I believe when I contacted them I told them that I had a Ram with the newer projector lights.

No issues to report with them thus far either, no noticeable light loss either.
How are these working out?
Still working fine with no issues.
In your opinion, is the distance from the new LED bulbs, less, the same or better?

I want the whiter light but also need further distance than stock and do not want to go HIDs.
I would say the distance is about the same with the LED bulbs. I did end up adjusting the headlights up a bit, which helped a little as well. I mounted a 20" LED lightbar in the lower bumper valance for getting more distance on visibility.

how these lights working out still good
Still working fine with no issues, have had them in the truck now for about 10 months.
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