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Passenger side window randomly exploded today...

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So, I was driving to work this morning and heard a loud "boom" coming from my passenger side door. I looked over and the glass/reflective surface of the mirror had blown out of the side view mirror housing and was hanging from its wires. There was no sign of trauma to the outside of the mirror housing, and I certainly don't think I had just hit anything. I found one report of this online elsewhere to a honda mini-van. Anyone know what just happened? The glass was still attached to its platform that looks like it just snaps on to a central square pedestal inside the housing. All of the snap on parts look intact and not broken. But the glass is shattered...
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Wow, that is a crazy problem. Could you post a picture of it? Did you contact the dealer yet? I can't think of a reason why something like that would happen. Do you have any theories?
Sounds like a one off, what were the parameters of the Honda one?
Don't know anything else about the Honda except what I found posted. I took mine to the dealer, outside in the bright light we found a small scrape or buff on the front of the mirror housing that I couldn't find in the garage earlier. I don't remember if that had been there or not, but I think that with the mark on it there, its most likely that something hit the front of the mirror housing while I was driving didn't damage anything in the front but shattered and ejected the glass from the mirror out the back???? At any rate, I had to order replacement glass which was about $240 bucks. To replace the whole mirror housing and everything they said its about $450.
Sounds like terrorists liked your forum name and decided to use you to deliver a truck bomb, but miscalculated the timing delay. How close were you to the nearest government building? I'd change it right away. They probably confused AngryJT to be Angry Jihadi Terrorist. :)

Really, might have been a glass stress issue if you were running the heated mirrors. If there was a flaw in the glass it could possibly have caused a pretty loud pop. Or a rear tire could have caught the edge of a rock on pavement just right with the tread, popping it up and into the mirror. I've seen that happen before, but it's really rare.
The Ram warranty doesn't cover exploding mirrors?
I'm confused...did the mirror break or the passenger side door window?
It sounds like something hit the mirror and deflected into the window or cause a reverberation that shattered the window.
The glass on the mirror broke. The mirror glass ejected out of the mirror housing and hit the passenger side window. The window is fine. Just had to replace the mirror glass.
That's not so bad, but still not really something that should happen, and I imagine the sound when it first happened was pretty alarming.
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