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Hey guys!

I just joined the forums and I have to say, the Ram Rebel is one bad a** truck!

Just curious to see if anyone has gone off-roading yet!?

Anyone from Michigan know of any cool, scenic off-roading trails?

The weather is starting to get nice and I'd love to get out there!

(Sorry for the sideway's pic! I couldn't get it to rotate lol)


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I would like to know also. I'm in Michigan.
I actually found this online. I am still curious as to if people have places other than those listed in the link!

That's a pretty comprehensive map of trails. Wonder if there's one for each state on the state government websites.
I need to get the first blemish out of the way, before I'm willing to really take it offroading. But, I've taken a few "short cuts" here and there and it does great. Tractor ruts, fallen trees, wash-outs, deep snow have been no problem so far.
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A while back, someone posted an off reading thread: http://www.ramrebelforum.com/forum/ram-rebel-general-discussion/2954-off-road-runs.html
@cstishenko replaced the Jeep Rubicon with the Rebel so that says a lot about its off road performance.
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