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Octane Number

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I just finished reading the article in Car and Driver about the comparison between the Rebel and the Tundra. In the side by side chart, it says that the Rebel should be used with 89 octane.

Are you guys using 89? I was told by my salesman that regular is just fine.
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Regular is fine per the manual. I know it's not super scientific but I tried higher octane fuel and it performed the same and my mpgs were pretty much the same. I would think the only way to have benefits of using higher octane fuels would be to have it tuned to run that.
I go with 93octane. My truck is NOT a daily driver so when it sits all week I like to know it has good fuel in it. I feel it runs better on it as well. less knocking from the valves. sometime when you get shitty 87 octane you tend to hear different noise in the motor. Also when I mash the throttle on my truck never any hesitation. I will always continue to run 93 octane. I don't care what dealers or people say.
I heard that with good 87 octane you'll be fine, and apparently the only downside to running the lowest octane is less power, not anything else (i thought there would be more to it)
if you put in regular it can cause knocking noise in motor it says it in the manual i personally won't risk it i use 89 always
The octane debate always gets me. This is obviously not scientific and I'm only guesstimating, but let's put this into perspective. Let's just say the difference between 87 and 89 is .15 cents (I think it's typically less). And let's say you have the 23 gallon tank. Filling up once a week, you are looking at $179.40 a year. At that equation you are looking at a difference of $3.45 a fill up. You paid about $50k plus on your truck. Are you really worried about less than $200 a year for optimal performance as stated by the manufacturer?

I'm opting for optimal performance so I put in 89.
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As gas prices here fall, it's even easier to justify using better gas. I'm switching to 91 next fill up.
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