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Used to run a Dakota until I wrecked it, and have been in a 2004 Tundra 4x4 ever since. My Tundra has served me well, but Imiss my Dodge! Went the Toyota route because I had a friend with a 03 Ram that was a nightmare even though my 1998 Dakota was a stud. Put a fab tech lift on it and have the exhaust done. Loved that truck.

My Tundra still only has 85k on it, and if been watching the truck market for a while. This Rebel though....wow, it's really got me fired up. Might have to make the plunge!

My story is a LOT like yours. I had a '99 Dodge and switched to a Ford F150 because Dodge was a little sketchy in 2010. My F150 had 82K miles when I saw the Rebel. I went to the dealer, got a fantastic trade in amount and a great offer on the Rebel. The rest is history.

My wife said "but I thought you were done with Dodge". I explained my opinion, and how I really like the new direction of RAM.....Conversely, I REALLY don't like the direction Ford took with the new F150.

For you, I'd keep an eye on the equity of your Toyota. This might be a prime time to let her go.
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