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Newbie here

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Lots of great info here. My Dealer called me. Let me pick color and options for 1 of the two Rebels allocated to him. Will bec heading to All-Chrysler at Carlisle in 2 weeks. Hoping to get to see one in person.
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Been dealing with my dealer for 11 years. I'm lucking my He let me order what I wanted. I the truck is mine unless I decide otherwise when it comes in.
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The day we ordered they had no prices. Waiting for him to get back from vacation.
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No have kinda of idea from Knightrebel31 and the internet. But my dealer said, I'm not committed to buy. Will be contacting him next week for pricing.
No worries, Always get a great deal from this dealer.
Base Price $44,925
Destination Fe $1,195
CSU Tonneau Cover. $500
XMF Spray in bedline $475
JAJ ORT Cluster. $175
GX4 Keyless Go $300
RA3 Uconnect 8.4A $505
AJB Remote start and $350
AMV Rear camera and $595
ADA Luxury Group $660
DFK 8-speed Automati. $500
EZH 5.7L V8 Hemi M $1,150
List $51330
Discounted to $47500
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whens it due in? thats likely a sign all dealers are getting their demos!
Nice discount that he gave you there. Do you know when your Rebel will be arriving?
Looking at the end of September he figures. Will know more once production starts
oh so you ordered a 2016 then? Ah my mistake I thought you were picking up one of the 2015 allocations starting to show up now.
Nah 2016. That way I get to pick options and color
Update, build date Sept 5.
Nice , did you have to ask your dealer or did they just email you? Hope I get my build date soon.
Was talking to dealer and he checked. Have not got any additional emails from Ram.

What color are you gettin?
Black, the best color :)
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In transit as of Sept 8. Dealer said 2 weeks.
Please remember that the standard power train warranty changes in 2016 from a 100,000 down to a 60,000.
Yelp already aware. But a good post for all.
So close bet yet so far. The Rebel is off the train, sitting in rail yard. Dealer says Car carrier has a estimate delivery to dealer from 9-21 to 9-27. Rail yard is 15 miles from dealer.
Nice discount that he gave you there. Do you know when your Rebel will be arriving?
Arrived today.
The truck that was not to be. The wait begins again. Scratch in clear coat on drivers door. Dealer sent to detail dept to have buffed out.
They burnt threw paint. This truck is off to body shop to repaint door. Dealer ordered another one. Called Ram Sales Rep. About getting a high priority order. We shell see how long this one takes. But here's a pic anyway.


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ouch that sucks. Mine just went into shipping, hope it comes through....without a scratch. =/ also I see you got chrome rings another =(
You saw those chrome rings did ya.
OUCH!!! She's a beauty though! Since you are ordering another one, have you thought about the ramboxes? I love mine!
The Rambox is great option. I have no need for the Rambox though.

First truck I forgot the 9 speaker with subwoofer. So I had that added to this truck. Dealer said he will pay for speaker upgrade. He said they will honor all pricing. New truck, trade-in and rebate. If rebate improves I get that.
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Ok, got call from Dealer today. Rebel #2 has moved to D1 status. Scheduled build Oct 19.
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