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New To Ram!

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From Washington State. In a bittersweet moment of trying to achieve more practicality for the family, I ended up trading my 2014 Rubicon in for a 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel.

So far pretty excited about the truck and happy with all the room and cool features it has. Looking forward to learning more about it and conversing with folks here about these beasts.



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Congratulations. Lots of us jumped shipped from JKs.
Congrats, welcome.
Sorry to hear you traded in your JK. Good choice on the new truck though, I bought a black one too. I was fortunate enough to recently pay off my JK Rubicon so I have both. Love them both.
Thanks for the welcome, folks!

En2dirt, I'm glad you were able to keep your JK. They are great vehicles, and once I get some time under my belt I'll be on the hunt for an older '07 or '08.
I had a Jeep Wrangler Back in 1999 only for about three years, had some good times with that truck. The Jeep got old real quick between horrible gas mileage and wind noise. Def the right choice moving on to the Rebel. No comparison in ride quality.
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Welcome to the club!
Congrats on the Rebel!
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Thanks for the kind words on the Hellcat. Yeah, I had a choice to trade that or trade the JKU... I chose the JK. :)
Did that bed extender come with it or did you buy that separately?
Never mind. I just picked mine up yesterday and it had it as well. :)
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