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New Rebel owner! Well, almost...

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Been searching on and off for 6-7 months looking for a black
Rebel with Ram Box (for me) and a sunroof (for her), along with some other goodies. For some reason, it's been extremely difficult to find one in the Delaware area. Expanding my search from local, to 100, then 200+ mile radius.
Found a few with $6-8k off of MSRP, but not exactly equipped to my complete liking. Then I found one fully loaded (less side steps, which I'll install on my own), up in Massachusetts, 6+ hours from me. MSRP $56k+, discounted a little over $11k.
Jumped on the deal, been FedExing docs back and forth, and should be hopping on a plane sometime next week to pick it up. The wait is killing me!!!!!!!
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Why didn't you just order what you want if you hunted that long?

Grats on finding one finally. It's odd, but dealers don't seem to order many of them fully loaded. Don't understand that. Guess they're just saving money. Keeping MSRP in the $49,xxx range versus $50,000+ is a marketing trick. Although anyone with any brains isn't going to see much difference.

It's like the gas stations always listing gas at figures like $2.3999 cents/gal to look competitive to $2.40. People seem to only see the 1st digit or two and miss the rest. Then drive 5 miles out of their way to save 0.01 cents per gallon while filling up. So they waste 75 cents in gas to save 0.12 cents. Go figure.
Would have ordered one but the dealers near me weren't giving much of a discount. I knew I would be able to find one with a steeper discount eventually. I guess the long wait paid off, it saved me an additional $5-6k.
Good to hear. And yup, good job on getting the discount.

Have a safe drive!

Thanks. Can't wait to get up there and break that bad boy in!
I was in exact same boat, wanted a black one fully loaded , dealers could only order 17s which didn't have the incentives on it (here in Canada anyway)
Were down in Windsor next to Detroit and had to drive 4 hours to Toronto to find one yesterday !!
Congrats on the new Rebel! I guess fully loaded black Rebels are hard to find.

Still haven't picked mine up, hopefully sometime next week. Some nonsense with the title and registration from the state of Delaware. They seem to be dragging their feet. Though I can say I am looking forward to the 6 1/2 ride in the new truck!
Well the day finally arrived. Picked up the Bad Boy yesterday!!! Enjoyed every second of the 6 1/2 hour ride home. Now looking forward to my 2 1/2 hour trek tomorrow.


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Congrats on the new truck! I had the same issue when I was looking, there literally was not one with everything I wanted in the entire state of Texas. I ended up getting mine in Oklahoma City, did all the dealing by phone and email, drove up there after work one night and picked it up. I was luckier than you, I only had about a 250 mile drive up there. The biggest issue for me with local inventory was finding the sunroof and Rambox on the same truck also.
My hubby ordered a fully loaded 2016 over a month ago and yesterday the dealer called to say NO more 2016's were to be made and we would have to get the model in a 2017. So I ask about what this does to pricing and he goes "I don't have those details yet" Seriously!!!
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