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New Rebel Owner from Miami, Fl

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Hey guys whats up? My name is Danny and I just picked up my 2016 Ram Rebel White/black combo fully optioned out minus Ram Box. Starting to look at what mods to do and so far have in mind to do Red Methodracing wheels with 35" tires, flow master outlaw muffler and S&B intake. As of now just swapped the LED headlights from my 2015 Ram into this truck which look amazing and perfect with the LED fogs from factory. I've owned Jeeps and been a part of Jeep forums and clubs which got together for Offroad park trips and meet-ups and hope I find the same here so I get to take the truck out to play with others. >:)


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Welcome to the forum Danny and great looking truck. It won't go everywhere that your Jeep would have but I'm sure you'll have fun with the Rebel too.
Nice job on the LED light swap, that should inspire others here to do the same thing especially when seeing it lit up at night (if you plan to post pictures of that), but already its easy to accept the idea of doing that.

What other changes do you plan to make to your Rebel as time goes on?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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