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New Rebel Issues

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Good Day, picked up my Rebel last week and notice upon vehicle inspection that the front right bumper was approx 1/2 inch lower then the left side. Dealer indicated they will address the issue (in writing). Picked up the vehicle today and noticed the issue was not fixed. The dealer indicated they contacted RAM Canada and RAM said this was within tolerance and all Rebels were manufactured this way. Has anyone else experienced this issue, any assistance in this matter would be of great assistance
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Seems like some BS they came up with since that's not something that should happen, and i'm sure there are guys at the dealership that know this.
Not good to see these defects in all the vehicles, but I'm more interested in how Ram, FCA and dealers respond. I just want to know that they will be there to fix problems that come up.
Experience with some dealers might not go over well as it's known that FCA doesn't really have the most helpful front end workers.

Not nearly as helpful in comparison from what you'd get from Toyota.
One of my Rambox painted lid covers is coming apart from the plastic lid. It goes in for a warranty claim soon. The plastic bumper cover has already been replaced under warranty.....Someone in the Trim department was on crack when the built my truck.

Besides that, no issues. It's quiet as a mouse. I'd go crazy if I heard a lot of rattling like Aqualite75. That's a pet peeve of mine, also the reason I got the Ramboxes- no interior clutter!
Sure seems like your dealer has been treating you well so far!
just took it 10 kms to town today, put it in 4x4 to get off location, traction control went ape.... service trailer light on, service abs light on, traction control warning light is stuck on.. grinding and violently shaking..
That's ridiculous. I guess you'll be taking it to the dealer soon if you haven't already done so.
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