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New Rebel Issues

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Good Day, picked up my Rebel last week and notice upon vehicle inspection that the front right bumper was approx 1/2 inch lower then the left side. Dealer indicated they will address the issue (in writing). Picked up the vehicle today and noticed the issue was not fixed. The dealer indicated they contacted RAM Canada and RAM said this was within tolerance and all Rebels were manufactured this way. Has anyone else experienced this issue, any assistance in this matter would be of great assistance
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I had a cosmetic quality issue with my Rebel, as well. Different issue though.

The driver's side rear passenger door panel trim was misformed. The soft part by the bottom of the window had some "indents" in it, that I never noticed until I had it home for a few days.

I took it in to my local dealer (who I didn't buy it from because they didnt get any Rebels) and the put through the warranty request and it went through without issue and they swapped out the whole door panel.

Pretty painless. Glad they took care of your bumper. Between these issues, the wrong hood on one member's, and the mixed headlights... someone in the quality department needs to get on the ball.
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